Are you Ready to Stand-Tall with Lauren?

Lauren Ruotolo is an entrepreneur, author, marketer, and producer. She speaks globally to both large and small audiences from teenagers who are finding themselves to Fortune 500 employees, educators, parents, and medical professionals. Lauren is passionate about teaching the world that size matters and that no matter what life throws in front of you, never take NO for an answer. So stand up with Lauren (in your favorite shoes) and be ready to take the ride of your life.

You Can Be a One in a Million Innovator

Did life throw you what could feel like a life sentence? Learn from a 4’0 disabled kick-ass attitude woman who walks with crutches but only wears high heels every day. Lauren will share her vision for innovation through life design, showcase how she crushed everything she ever put in her mind to conquer. She will teach you how to not be imprisoned, by owning who you are in your mind and heart. Plus, how you can crush your fears by showing not only yourself, but the world, that you are a confident kick-ass innovator.

What People Are Saying

Just Take 5

In a world with over 7 billion people in the world, Lauren teaches you how to stand out, stand tall, and most importantly stand up to get to know people. Because once you remove the outside layers of what you physically see, you will likely be surprised and what you find.

Accept your limitations as you make your climb to finding YOU!

It’s not how many steps are in front of you, it’s how you choose to climb them. Lauren teaches everyone who ever felt tired of being pigeonholed and limited by other peoples that by following her 5-prong approach they do just about anything.